Turkish Kangal: a fearless warrior and an energetic friend of man

Turkish Kangal is one of the oldest aboriginal breeds of shepherd dogs and a national treasure of Turkey. Turkish Karabash and Turkish Wolfhound are other names of this breed. In the territory of Asia Minor its representatives have been inhabited for centuries, but the exact date when the first of them appeared isn’t known.

According to one of the legends, the heir to the Indian throne gave such a dog the Ottoman padishah several thousand years ago. The dog entered the battle with the lion and emerged victorious. But soon, during the campaign of the Ottoman troops, the animal disappeared near Kangal. It is believed that this pet was the first progenitor of the breed, which was called Kangal.

Descendants of these dogs later were brought to Anatolia by the head of the Ottoman Empire, where another name Anatolian Shepherd appeared.

Exterior data

Appearance of animals explains why they have been intensively used since ancient times by herdsmen of sheep and goats as reliable companions and guardians of flocks. Kangal is a dog that is famous for such exterior data:

  • a high growth (from 71 to 81 cm);
  • a strong body;
  • a powerful neck;
  • a large and broad head;
  • powerful limbs;
  • a long tail bent at the end;
  • a thick and short coat with a soft undercoat.

Kangal is a breed of dog, which doesn’t have a pure white color. Its representatives can be gray-yellow, gray-brown, fawn, brindle, brown-yellow. A gray-black mask on the face is an obligatory element of coloring.

Character of animals

The Turkish Kangal is a peace-loving dog, able to make contact even with strangers appearing with the owner in its field of vision. He treats other strangers with disbelief.

The Anatolian Shepherd has such character traits:

  • courage;
  • devotion;
  • ingenuity;
  • diligence;
  • high efficiency.

Adults and puppies of Kangal don’t suffer from up-and-down of mood. Young representatives of the breed are well suited to training, without hesitation they engage in battle with the enemy, which can be a threat to the family, territory and property of owner. The main thing is to provide the animal with space for life and activity, an adequate amount of physical activities every day.

Our kennel offers you to buy a Kangal puppy, a graceful pet that grows to the "king saiz", isn’t capricious in eating and is obedient in the process of education.

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