Alabai: a reliable guard and a loyal friend

The breed Alabai is a species of shepherd dogs that has been formed historically without purposeful human impact. These animals are used by sheep herdsmen as escorts, able to protect against attack of predators (for example, bears, wolves). Many guard services don’t work without them.

It is generally believed that the first ancestors of modern Alabai appeared on the territory located between the Caspian Sea, Asia Minor and the northwestern Chinese border about 4 thousand years ago.

Alabai is not the official name of the breed. In fact, it is registered as a Central Asian Shepherd (CAS). Thus, in the name there is an indication of the region, within which its first representatives appeared.

What kind of appearance do animals have?

A shepherd Alabai is a big dog with:

  • a massive head;
  • a body whose length is somewhat longer than the height;
  • a powerful musculature;
  • a thick at the base and high set tail;
  • ears that stop very close to the head;
  • a medium-length or slightly ruffled wool with a thick undercoat.

Dogs of breed Alabai can be white in black, red, pale yellow spots, pure white, black, red or pale-cloak, completely red, pale yellow or black.

What is the character of the Central Asian Shepherds?

Both adults and puppies of CAS are fearless, formidable animals whose main character traits are:

  • endurance;
  • high efficiency;
  • perfectly developed innate security instinct;
  • independence;
  • fidelity;
  • calmness.

To buy a CAS puppy means to make a choice in favor of an animal that will get along with children without problems, protect each member of the family, territory and property from the threat of any kind. But you need to consider the fact that the Alabai are very wary of strangers, so they can perceive an unexpected guest as the enemy.

Puppies of the Central Asian Shepherd don’t need training, they need to be educated and trained as children. Pets require a little care, they aren’t capricious in eating. The main thing is to provide your friend with sufficient territory for residence and regular walks to maintain a physical form.

If you want your family to be replenished with a reliable guard and a loyal friend, then make a choice in favor of this incredibly beautiful animal.

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