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We invite you to the nursery of Turkish Kangals, Alabai, Wippet and Spanish Galgo“ALASHIR”!

Our organization has been officially registered in the FCI system since 2006, although the first purebred Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai), through which the idea to create a nursery was born, was acquired a little earlier - back in 2004. A little later, a few years later I met a Turkish Kangal, which conquered me even more than Alabai. And most recently, in 2017, our kennel was expanded by a representative of the English greyhounds - Whippet, and in 2018 we brought to Ukraine the first representative in our country of this wonderful breed from the group of greyhounds - Spanish Galgo!

We cooperate with well-known breeders who professionally breed these dogs in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Spain and Ukraine. If you want to have reliable home security, a friend and even more - a new family member, we suggest you to buy a puppy of Turkish Kangal or Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai). And if you are also an active person who loves to spend his free time in nature, in the fields, for the sake of sports interest, tracking down a bunny, then I would advise you to take another Whippet puppy and Spanish Galgo puppy as a company!

Our pets

Guard dogs of a shepherd and greyhounds of such breeds live in the Alashir kennel:


  1. Kangal (also known as Sivas Kangal, Karabash, Turkish Wolfhound). An ancient breed, the origin of which is shrouded in mystery and legends. The territory of its origin is Eastern Turkey. By character, they are less aggressive and more balanced than other wolfhounds, more energetic and hardworking. The breed of dogs kangal for thousands of years has not changed, remaining pure. Turks consider these animals a national treasure, so they regulate their breeding issues at the government level.
  2. Alabai (representatives of this species are also called Uzbek buribasars and Turkmen wolfhounds). This breed is one of the oldest. Its formation took place for more than four thousand years in the territory covering the territory from the Southern Urals to Afghanistan, from the Caspian Sea to China. The breed of dogs Alabay is the descendants of the ancient Tibetans, as well as fighting dogs of the nomadic peoples of Mesopotamia. Their character is softened in the fight against predators, therefore these dogs are strong and fearless.
  3. Whippet is a little English greyhound. Used to hunt a hare, it can also be used to participate in dog races and in the course (run for artificial bait). And also (and most importantly) Whippet is a great companion and a great dog for the home and soul. Small-sized Whippet dogs (up to 52 cm in height and 15 kg in weight) have excellent intelligence and ingenuity, are well educated and trained, clean, obedient, always in close contact with the owner, get along well with other animals, they have a short soft six without undercoat, molt missing. Their only drawback (if it can be called a drawback for active people) is the constant need for active walks, but this can be easily solved by leaving the city at least 2-3 times a week.
  4. The Spanish galgo is a Spanish greyhound, whose origin dates back several thousand years ago. They are used in the same way as all greyhounds to hunt a hare, participate in dog races and coursing. Dogs of the Spanish galgo breed are the fastest of all greyhounds and the most graceful. They are the only ones who can protect the territory and are the only ones who are very attached to the owner. The Spanish galgo has a gentle and affectionate character, but they are rather suspicious and careful with strangers, because they do not have aggression, but they will be able to quickly punish the insolent. These dogs get along well with other animals, are well educated, have high intelligence, also need a good active range. They have short wool without undercoat, as they can live either in the house or in a warm barn. Despite their fairly significant size (height up to 70 cm, weight up to 30 kg), they are well suited for living in a house or apartment (provided that you have a good walk). Galgo is available in two forms: smooth and hairy. Hair wire is characterized by the presence of a beard on the face and stretched hair above the eyes. But both types do not have undercoat and do not require special care for wool.
    Visiting our dog kennel, you will be delighted with the beauty of our inhabitants, their charm and intelligence. Choosing one of the puppies will make you love him, and this deep feeling for your new friend will remain in your heart forever.

How is the life of pets?

We don’t have the goal of breeding too many animals. The kennel of Alabai and Kangal breeds contains so many inhabitants, how many we have the opportunity to give due attention, provide the necessary care. So:

  1. There are no enclosures, all dogs live in conditions of free-range walking within a large territory, which helps them maintain their excellent physical form and strong health;
  2. Pets live in one flock, in which puppies have the opportunity to learn from adult relatives;
  3. Cooperation with one of the major veterinary clinics of the Kyiv is established, its specialists help us monitor the health of dogs;
  4. Planned vaccination of puppies with a high-quality vaccine of American manufacture is carried out.
  5. We have signed agreements directly with distributors of high-quality European super premium feed and with a meat factory, so all our pets are raised on the right feed.

It means that you can buy a dog in the kennel, healthy and strong, with a stable psyche, excellent exteriors, provided with a certificate of origin (puppy's FCI metric), as well as a veterinary passport about vaccinations and a chip.

Confirmation of the high quality of our pets is also a regular and confident conquest of exhibition rings. Our titled manufacturers and their descendants are champions of the club, breeds and champions and great champions from countries such as Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.


How to buy a dog?

Our dog kennel is located in the Kiev region in Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district. You can visit him personally, by prior arrangement, to buy an Alabai puppy, a kangal puppy or a Whippet puppy and a Spanish galgo puppy, assessing the conditions in which the animals live.

We also provide the opportunity to choose a dog by reading the photos and videos on our website, by contacting us via Viber, WatsApp, Skype or e-mail. Your new friend will be delivered to the specified address in the time you specified.

You can choose and buy a canlag puppy from us, alabaya or a puppy of Galgo or Whippet at the age of 1 month, but you can only pick him up when he is 2 months old after full vaccination. Too early weaning from a flock will negatively affect the formation of the behavior and character of the animal.

Contact us at the contacts listed on the site. We are glad to cooperate and will be happy to answer all your questions.

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